Christmas Thought #3: Read Isaiah 7:14

According to scholars there are more than 300 prophecies in the Old Testament related to Christ and His life. Each of those prophecies find fulfillment uniquely in Jesus. However, in our modern and postmodern eras, it is fashionable to question and dismiss those amazing testimonies to Jesus.

One teaching that has been challenged is the virgin birth of Jesus. To many people the birth of Jesus was nothing special. There was nothing different about it. Maybe Jesus was special in His adult life or perhaps in His death, but not in His brith. But you can’t have a special Jesus at His death without a special Jesus at His birth.

Besides the Biblical support for the virgin birth of Jesus, theologically to dismiss it leaves you in the worst place possible. Not only does it leave you with a worthless book, but if Jesus wasn’t born of a virgin, conceived by the Holy Spirit, than Jesus was a man like me–sinful, broken, separated from God. Titles like the Son of God would be meaningless. His death on the cross pointless for only one who was both man and God, who was innocent and sinless, could die for your sins.

If there was no virgin birth there is no salvation from sin.

Many have tried disprove the virgin birth on many grounds, but there is no need to do that. The question simply is this: do you want to beleive the words of a skeptic who lives over 2000 years after the event or the faithful eyewitness testimony of those who walked with Jesus, lived with Jesus, and knew Jesus (2 Peter 1:16).

Do you believe the rantings of those whose only mission is to disprove Christianity or the Word of God which has remained without error, proven to be accurate and true, supported by science to be reliable and trustworthy? If the Word of God is right on everything else, then why would we doubt its value on such an important point as this?

Don’t fear man whose words are empty and deceitful when you have the inspired word of God that makes you complete for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Read that Word of God today and praise Him that it will endure forever (Isaiah 40:8).