How Now Shall I Think: Engaging the Culture

How Then Shall We Think November 6, 2013: Jude afforded us the opportunity to talk about, “How do we communicate God’s truth?” In a culture that is increasingly secular, we face a challenge of speaking truth where truth is no longer valued. Today there is an increasingly strong emphasis on individual rights. Despite younger generations saying they value community, they would rather blame the church for not doing enough than be a part of the community to fix it and older generations are mostly unaware of the real needs facing today’s people.

In the midst of all of that, we are presented with a need to present God’s truth and love in a real and meaningful way. On Sunday we were shown that to be effective at being Christ’s Ambassadors we must enter into the lives of those God has called to us love.

Proclaiming God’s message of salvation requires us to listen. It encourages us to ask questions. Let me share these four questions with you to ponder as you THINK about your actions in fulfilling God’s plan.

1. Am I engaged with God in a life of authentic worship? If you are inviting people to know Jesus is your life lived in such a way that others want to know Jesus? Is your love and passion for God and worship and living evident in your attitude and actions?

2. Am I engaged with God’s people? So many people come to churches today and then leave and won’t be seen again until the follow Sunday. But that isn’t the body. Perhaps people are frustrated with church because they are not engaging the church community. Is is much harder to invite someone to church if you are not first excited about the church family.

3. Am I engaged with my community through meaningful service? If our vision is to reach the Endless Mountains Region with the gospel of Christ then we need to be engaged in the community, not just as a church but as individuals. What does that look like? What can you do to build bridges with those whom we are seeking to serve? How can you use open doors with your connections to enter into the lives of others?

4. Am I engaged with the culture? I’m not suggesting that we embrace the moral depravity of our culture, but there is a need for us to be at least, aware of what people believe. How can we provide answers if we don’t know the questions that others are asking? How can we enter into their lives if we don’t know what they are doing, experiencing, and thinking? What can you do safely increase your awareness of the culture?

Action begins first with thinking. How we think about Christ and culture will greatly determine how we engage Christ and culture. Prayerfully consider and ask God to clearly lead you to somone who needs the Light of Christ shining in their lives and be ready to engage that person by listening, asking questions, and loving them.