Thoughts from my Prayer Walk

Prayer Time Thoughts:

Here are some brief thoughts from my prayer walk this morning. I’ll put the bullet points and then explain below:

  1. Prayer is the work
  2. Urgency follows a vibrant prayer life
  3. Saturating our rhythm with the Gospel
  4. Greater filling of the Holy Spirit in power and godliness
  5. God-sightings are essential for transforming our community
  1. We would all agree that prayer is foundational to the ministry. However, as time moves forward, I believe that God is calling His people deeper into the prayer life. Discernment of God at work comes through prayer. Discernment into lives comes through prayer. Chains are broken in prayer. Light overcomes because of prayer. Amount of prayers and numbers of people praying is not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is God’s people seeking God’s face for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in one heart, as the primary responsibility and service of God’s people. If we are to see new communities of Christ-followers established, if we are to see disciples made and multiplied, if we are to see the lost saved, then we are to be people who are consumed by prayer. I need to be consumed by prayer, to sit with Jesus in the heavenly places and join Him as He intercedes. We all need to be consumed. This cannot be a back-burner type ministry.
  2. Change happens when there is a sense of urgency. Urgency has been defined as living rightly according to God’s timeline. This means that we take advantage of every moment to make that moment a Kingdom moment, a Jesus honoring, Gospel sharing and transforming moment. Are we just waiting around for the trumpet to sound? Are we redeeming the time so that each moment pushes back the darkness, shines the Light, and draws others to Jesus? Urgency causes change when people see a preferred future and then do whatever they can to orient on the preferred future. Our preferred future is one where Jesus reigns, all peoples are worshipping Him, Satan is crushed under foot, captives are freed, relationships are redeemed and reconciled. Our preferred future is a church full of godly, Christ-like children who are full of the Holy Spirit, thriving, growing, multiplying out of an overflowing expression of worship and thanksgiving. What would it look like to live out a sense of urgency to orient on what God has in store for us and His name?
  3. Whatever your moment, that is a perfect moment for the Gospel. Whatever situation you are in, that is a perfect moment for the Gospel. You embody the Gospel. You are full of His Spirit. You have the shoes fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of peace. So, whatever situation you find yourself in, you bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ your Lord. School, work, chores, family…whoever situation, what does God want to show of the Gospel through you and I? How might our rhythms advance the Kingdom if we saturated them with the Gospel?
  4. Oh, come to the altar! Let the Spirit who is a consuming Fire engulf you and I more and more! Jump in, all in, to walking with and by the Holy Spirit.
  5. Share what you see God doing, even if it is small. Share widely! We need to see more of God at work. Look for Him, join Him, celebrate Him at work. What if we became a people who shared all the time what they see of God at work? To see Him is to love Him. To see Him transforms us and those around Him. When He answers prayer, share! When He speaks, share!, When He comforts, share! When He shows you something of what He is doing, share! Sharing God at work, God-sightings, spurs on prayer, urgency, saturating our rhythm and passion to walk more by the Spirit. What if we would become a community of Christ-followers who couldn’t et enough of sharing God-sightings and of listening to others share God-sightings? What is your story about God at work in you and through you? With whom can you share your story?