Thinking more of Jesus


How Then Shall We Think – More of Jesus

On Sunday Mr. Paul spoke about people have a form of godliness by deny its power (2 Timothy 3:5). We often think of them as fake Christians or false teachers who pretend to be Christians but don’t have the power of Christ within. And that is a perfectly good interpretation. But I guess there are probably many people going to churches today that have a form of godliness but don’t know the source of its power.

Many Christians think of Christianity as doing, not being. Christianity is doing good works, it is going to church, it is praying and reading your Bible and tithing. But the reality is that those things are not what make someone a Christian. In fact, you could do all of those things and yet deny the power of Christ in you. What they possess is a shadow of what is available.

It isn’t holiness that we need as much as Jesus the Holy One.

F.B. Myer wrote, “Are you in sorrow? In Christ there is joy. Are you tempted? In Jesus there is victory. Are you at the end of your strength? In Jesus there is might. All that you want and all that you need is in Christ.” But even as Christians we tend to have just enough of Christ to make us wretched.

We know of Jesus. We know of His grace. We may have experienced Him in a redemptive way, but we stop. We had our conversion experience and stopped. And having tasted the goodness of Jesus once, everything else remains sour and bitter and yet we don’t take more of Christ. There is a whole fountain waiting for us, but for many we take a glass and wonder why we struggle, why we aren’t happy or victorious, why we aren’t full.

Take more of Him each day. Only in eternity will you ever have enough of Christ until then let us think more of Christ, live more for Christ, and strive more in Christ.